Rooibos Tea Weight Loss Benefits 2019

Obesity or being overweight is a dangerous yet common health condition. It is a serious disease that can impact your body physically and internally in a negative way. People who are obese and overweight have higher risk of developing serious health issues like diabetes, bone disease or heart disease etc.

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There are many factors which may cause obesity. This is a complex disease which can be caused by over eating, genetics, stress, life style or your routine. But with extra care and precautions you can avoid getting fat and live a healthy life.

The initial stage of obesity looks normal, a normal weight gain eventually turns you into a fat person. SO, when you start putting on a little weight, you should immediately tale steps to control it. There are many ways to control over weight. You can do physical exercises to lose fat. Also, you can consume weight lose tea(s) which are very helpful in removing excess fat from body naturally.

Rooibos weight loss tea is an excellent choice from weight loss. Besides helping in losing weight, it is helpful to human health in countless other ways.

Rooibos tea:

Rooibos tea also known as red tea, can do wonder to your health. It is a herbal tea with a delicate and sweet flavor. The anti-flammatory and anti-oxidant properties of rooibos tea provide protection against some fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart problems. Rooibos diet tea is used by many people to get a slim and smart body.  Mainly people consume it to get rid of extra fat, but it provides additional benefits given below:

Weight loss benefits of rooibos tea:

Tea from rooibos for weight loss is very common in the Africa region. It is considered as a delicious beverage to drink without worrying about gaining weight. Rooibos tea weight loss benefits are following:

1: 2-4 calories in each cup that plays no part in producing fat inside belly

2: It is naturally sweet so you do not have to add additional sugar or honey, otherwise it can cause you weight gain

3: Due to antioxidant quality, it balances the blood sugar while you are performing weight loss activities.

4: You can feel weight loss with rooibos because it has an active ingredient named aspalathin that helps in reducing hunger & fat storage. That results in eating less and gaining less.

5: It has ability to affect how energy from food is used inside the body, it saves energy from turning it into fat thus preventing obesity.

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Additional benefits of rooibos tea:

Following are some great health benefits of rooibos:

1: Improves digestion:

Rooibos helps in improving digestion of food due to the presence of flavonoids like luteolin or quercetin. It also reduces the risk of diarrhea, decreases gastric secretions and calm muscle spasms of stomach.

2: Improves skin texture:

Rooibos benefits also affect the skin texture. It contains alpha hydroxyl acid that is used by dermatologists for skin treatments. It is naturally found in rooibos tea that can help in skin care and reducing wrinkle on skin. Regular consumption of rooibos tea makes your skin look younger and fresh and helps as an anti-aging element.

Rooibos tea gives a soothing effect to our skin by reducing redness or irritation and providing even tone skin. It is also used in treating skin acne as it contains zinc too.

The superoxide dismutase found in rooibos has anti-aging properties which helps in slowing down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on skin. This enzyme produces healthy skin cells rapidly despite of growing age that makes you look younger always. To gain the skin benefits from rooibos tea, you must take 2 cups daily.

3: Reduces pain:
Due to the presence of anti-flammatory or anti-oxidant elements it helps in relieving from inflammation and pain. It contains an anti-spasmodic enzyme which helps in activation of potassium inside the body which reduces abdominal pain or stomach cramps.
By alleviating inflammation it also functions to treat the painful feeling from arthritis. It relieves joint pain and bone pain as rooibos is rich in vitamin c which repairs collagen and connective tissues of our joints.

4: Prevent allergies:

Rooibos tea works as bronchodilator that means it can get rid of coughing & wheezing caused by allergy and asthma. Rooibos as a flavonoid known as Quercetin that saves allergies to get started. It blocks mast cells that are responsible for initiate an allergy at first place.

Rooibos tea also works as antihistamine, that is commonly found in medicines but it is without the drowsy side effect on mind. Rooibos is not replacement of high allergy treatments but drinking rooibos tea regularly can boost up our immune system against catching allergic effects.

5: Prevents cancer:

Development of cancer inside body is a very complex. The oxidative elements with free radicals are mainly responsible for cancer growth. Antioxidants flavonoids like luteolin and quercetin can prevent tumor growth and kill the cancer cells.

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Where can you find rooibos tea:

You can easily make rooibos tea at home. You only need any of the following producs:

  • Red rooibos tea bags
  • Red rooibos leaf tea

Both of these can be found online. You can also get the flavored rooibos tea that comes in vanilla or chocolate flavors.

If you ever get green rooibos tea instead of red, then do not worry. It is the same thing, when rooibos leaf is steamed and dried instantly the green color remains same. It is a bit different in taste.


Rooibos tea has proven to be a harmless way to lose weight naturally. It also gives us many other health benefits. SO, we can adapt the regular consumption of rooibos as a beverage because it serves multiple advantages. But the excess of everything is bad, you should not intake excess of rooibos as it can be harmful. Plus, if you are already sick then you should consult your doctor first before consuming rooibos.