Nino and Lars Win at the Cape Epic

Cape Epic. The very name can make
your bones hurt. A mountain bike stage race like no other, consisting of eight
days of riding, 630km and 16,650ms of climbing.

Fine if you’re a cyclist, right?
On the smooth roads, tucked in behind a group it’s doable? How about up in the
mountain trails? On gravel and sand? 
Welcome to competing in the Cape Epic, set high in the Western Cape of
South Africa it’s one of the toughest and most important races of the year.

Two riders, who can’t be more
than 2 minutes apart at all times take on this event, and it attracts the best
riders from all over the world.

2017 winner, Nino Schurter was teamed up with Lars Forster, 2018 European Champion. Nino, who rides for Scott-SRAM and is a world champion loves the Cape. He missed out on last year’s win due to the illness of his riding partner and put in a phenomenal performance to retake the crown. Both ride for SCOTT-SRAM

As ambassadors for Garmin, Nino
and Lars allowed us access to their Edge 520 devices on stages 1 and 2 (which
they won both) so you could have a unique insight into how good they actually

This is stage 1:

Check out the climb and power
behind Lars’ climbs as he pushed at the start of the event. A call out would be
the consistent effort he put in on the biggest climb, showing his strength and

Stage 2 is much longer, and this
is from Nino’s Edge 520.

It’s a much more hilly section,
and Nino’s speed reflects that. On a mountain bike downhill, he managed to get
over the 60km/h mark as he raced to the finish.

Within that ride, Nino put out a
maximum of 911W, with an average wattage of 273W, all on gravel, remember.

With their first two stages in
the bag, Nino and Lars went on to win the Cape Epic. One sentence saying that
doesn’t really justify the achievement of the SCOTT- SRAM riders. It’s perfect
perpetration for this year’s world cup, where both will be among the favorites
for the 2019 UCI MTB world cup as they get ready for the first round in May in
Albstadt, Germany.