My Writing Desk

This sweet little secretary desk once belonged to my grandparents, as did the chair that I had recovered back in 2009. My mom says it’s over 100 years old, and it has followed me from house to house. (See it in my closet room here!) For a while it has housed things like extra jewelry and accessories.

Today it stores my Beautycounter samples (who wants one!?) and some of my travel-related accessories and nail polish in the drawers.

What I recently realized is that it makes an awesome DESK! Imagine that. Sometimes when my babysitter is here I escape away to concentrate on work but the downstairs office desk is too cold this time of year. Upstairs is always warm, and it’s super cozy up here too! Secretary desks are the perfect answer to the question “how do you have a nice looking desk in a room that is not an office.” Laptops make that so easy.

Another thing that I’ve realized is that it’s actually really nice to have carpet when you have a baby. I never want to put Birch down on the floor downstairs because the wood is hard and two of the three of our rugs are scratchy seagrass. We’re in the process of moving our wooden coffee table out and a soft ottoman in so 1) Birch has more floor space on the one soft rug and 2) He won’t hit his head on it when he starts crawling and walking eventually. But when we’re upstairs I just put him in the middle of the room with some toys while I get ready and he’s happy!

While I shower, I do want to be able to see him and him see me, so I bring the Lotus crib into the bathroom doorway. This is just another reason I love how lightweight it is! I think once B is sleeping in his big crib downstairs I will still keep the Lotus crib set up as a playpen. Also: clear shower this time around is SUCH a game changer. I remember when I had a tub-shower combo with Mazen having to flip up the curtain every time so he could see me.

He’s learning how to sit up day by day and getting so much better at it! He still falls over face first though, so we only sit him up when he’s surrounded by pillows or we’re spotting him.

Look at this little outfit from Mini Boden!

It was great until it got covered in bananas! I just bought this Boon Pulp Feeder off Amazon and Birch took to it right away! I put a ripe piece of banana in there and he snatched it up like a toy and immediately began sucking on it. The banana gets mushed out of those little holes. It created quite the mess, but it was super fun for him and convenient for me that he could feed himself.

We also just got a Lobster high chair for travel and I can’t wait to use it!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed this kale salad with chicken, pepperjack, avocado, and poppyseed dressing! Chips on the side.

But the shirt had to come off and immediately go in the wash. The second time silly boy was topless this day because of a massive blow out in the AM! We love to walk by this mirror and make faces.

The chicken from my lunch salad came from the Plenty Chicken Picatta with cauliflower mash, the previous night’s dinner.

I hope you guys are having a great week!