Me & My Boys

We had a really relaxing weekend with lots of sleep (!), family downtime, a spontaneous grill out with friends, and 3x soccer games!

On Friday Thomas and I had a cozy night in, beginning with some happy hour porch time.

Our fridge was empty – literally – and we considered taking Birch out to dinner (Mazen was at Matt’s) but we remembered it was UVA graduation weekend, so we called our favorite Belmont Pizza and they didn’t have a two hour wait – wahoo!

Spinach salad + Rialto + Rosé

We watched The Affair with some Jenis ice cream and got in bed early.

On Saturday morning we had breakfast and then when Birch woke up went to meet Mazen at his last soccer game of the season.

Eggs + toast + cherries

Mazen improved so much since his started the U8 format of soccer in the fall. He scored a goal at the game!

When we got back I had a short window to go for a run before Thomas left to go golfing with his dad. I did the Aaptiv workout “Rush Of Blood To The Legs” which I loved. Meg had a great playlist and I did intervals of jog, run, sprint for about 30 minutes / 3.2 miles.

Face = beet red!

Post run lunch!

Leftover pizza + freshly made salad + yerba mate iced tea!

Mazen, Birch, and I hung around the house all afternoon. Mazen earned some iPad time, Birch took a nice 2-hour nap, and I organized things! I sorted through all of the baby gear we are finished with and moved all of Birch’s clothes from our room to his nursery. He’s been sleeping in his room at night now, and I have a post coming up on this soon!

I also installed our Clek Foonf car seat! Big boy is ready.

I don’t know who ran into the nursery faster when we heard B waking up – me or Mazey!

My Summer Water arrived!!! Isn’t it beautiful!? Really delicious too.

We had our friends Brendan and Caroline with baby H over for dinner. Perfect timing to enjoy the Summer Water!

Sharing is caring <3 Look at that face!

The big boys played some baseball while the girls (and little boys) rocked on the porch.

Ribeye + grilled zucchini and squash + salad

I was asleep by 9:30 on Saturday night and it was G L O R I O U S!

Sunday morning snuggles.

French toast + cantaloupe + coffee

After two weeks of rain cancels, I finally got to play soccer again. We had our final tournament with two games in a row. It was great to get back on the field again, and I’m definitely going to need a rest day!