It’s Just The Filter

NO, no we’re not using a filter, I promise!! :mrgreen: It’s just REALLY green around here!

I made this smoothie with a Fage strawberry yogurt (one of the kinds with some jam on the side) along with vanilla protein (Arbonne’s), frozen banana, milk, and a handful of raw oats. It was the JAM! Some fresh raspberries and Cville Cluster Granola on top.

I’ve been consistently making two smoothies at once and putting one away for a snack or tomorrow’s breakfast. So that same smoothie I had the next day with blueberries and more cluster crunch. GAH that Cville Cluster Granola is so good!!

Little Birchie is not quite loving oatmeal yet. He LOVES purees from a jar – ones that are basically liquid. But he’s not too wild about thicker textures yet. I started with mashed foods and they were too thick, and I’ve also tried the nearly-powdered oatmeal and he takes a few bites and then decides he’s done. I added some prunes and cinnamon to this oatmeal and he still wasn’t into it. I hope this isn’t a bad sign for the future!! I think it’s just the texture though. I will keep trying!

Lunches of late have revolved around Plenty’s sweet potato + lentil salad, which was so darn delicious! I topped it with leftover chicken and some pimento cheese for an easy lunch.

The next day I had it with a sliced sausage and massaged kale. I let Birch try one of the sweet potato cubes mashed and his little tongue didn’t really know what to do with it.

Also from Plenty – a yummy curried tuna salad with raisins, chopped apples, and celery. Thomas and I ate this all week!

I made some kale chips for the first time in a while for an easy quiche dinner side. I have missed them and need to remember to buy kale so I can make more!

I am 36.5 years old and I do not have to pronounce gyros. Is it HEROS or GI-ROS or YEE-ROS!? I feel like as soon as I decide it’s one thing someone calls it something else. Perhaps it’s getting lost in translation.

Anyways, this chicken, tzatziki and tomato/cucumber gyros was great for an easy dinner.

I ordered the Balancing No. 3 Charcoal mask with some product credits I had accumulated and loved it!! So glamorous : ) I’m so bad at remembering to do masks, and I’m trying hard to do this once a week. I think I need a mask day. Mask Monday?

And for sweet starry dreams, my dad got me this constellation pendant hand-painted on a shell at the Hillsborough Farmer’s market. It’s by Jen Phillips, and she has an Etsy shop here. I get lots of compliments on it!