Down For Some Down Time

Happy Friday everyone!

Birchie is happy as a clam, er a whale! My mom got him this cute Whales Wrap Bodysuit from Mini Boden. They have the best clothes!

We had a little bit of a busy week in the evenings. On Monday I took Mazen to soccer practice and then on a date! It was the perfect day for soccer.

We both LOVE Brazos Tacos, so that’s where we went. It was so nice to spend a little uninterrupted time with Mazey.

We shared The Works (chips with cheese, guac, salsa, and chorizo). M got a quesadilla, and I had three tacos – This Is My Yam, Triple Pickle (no onions) and Piccadillo!

Tuesday toast! I had planned a hard run and toast is my go-to because it’s “dry” and does not slosh in my stomach like smoothies and oatmeal do sometimes. Blueberries on top? Why not!

Little B has been loving yogurt. I’ve been feeding him with a spoon and tried to see if he would be able to suck it out. That ended with him squeezing a yogurt volcano all over himself. We will try again at a later date :mrgreen:

Tuesday lunch – a shrimp salad from Plenty with homemade blue cheese dressing. THE DRESSING WAS SO GOOD! I added some pita chips on top as “croutons.”


Tuesday afternoon I kissed the boys goodbye and drove to Richmond for the Greater Richmond Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting where I was on a panel with Austin / RVA Fit Foodie and Brittany / Eating Bird Food. Our topic was “Market Yourself! Blogs, Press, Instagram and More!” and we covered topics ranging from tools we use daily to working with brands to a group of RDs and dietetic interns. It was a fun time!!

It was also my farthest distance away from my sweet Birch! Brittany and I met up at Urban Farmhouse for a quick bite before. (The same location where I ran into Young House Love in 2014 after visiting their show house!)

Strawberry salad –

I avoid pumping at all costs when I’m near home, but since the panel ran through B’s bedtime, I knew I should pump before I went in. Pumping isn’t actually all that bad once I do it – it’s just the time it takes and sitting still that I have trouble with! I brought a lunchbox with ice packs to store the milk until heading home. I have the Motif Duo pump and like it SO SO much more than the giant Pump n Style I had with Mazen. Not only is it about 25% of the size and rechargeable, but it’s way more effective at getting the milk out too.

Brittany and I go waaaaaay back to the very first blogging days!

I got home really late – had to pump again and eat a snack – before crawling into bed. By Wednesday I was ready for a cozy night in!

Speaking of my bed – we got our sides back! Thomas and I switched sides when Birch was born because the bassinet wouldn’t fit on my side. We just now switched back and it’s so nice to be in my nook again 🙂 {Linen duvet by Magic Linen + sheets by Target!}


Birch and I both had carrots for breakfast. I had the Daily Harvest Carrot + Chia (my new favorite!) and he had carrots mixed with prunes. Yum. yum. {If you want 3 free cups of Daily Harvest smoothies/chia pudding/harvest bowls and more, you can get them off your first box with the code katheats at checkout!}

That biscotti is Cherry Vanilla from Great Harvest and I’m obsessed with the texture.

Another breakfast bowl of yogurt + berries + crumbled biscotti!

My babysitter came on Wednesday and I decided to prioritize strength class over work and snuck out for it. So glad I did – I needed that killer workout!

Back at home for lunch…Della knocked TWO dressings out of the park this week. I also ordered lemon poppyseed dressing this week to add to my own salads and OMG – it was to die for! It tasted like key lime pie and lemon zest.

I had it over this salad (recipe coming soon!) with broc cheddar quiche for lunch.

Best Cookies Ever

I made another batch of Jessica’s Best Ever Lactation Cookies on Sunday and boy are they delicious! I used a tablespoon instead of an ice cream scoop this time and made them two-bite size. I always add butterscotch chips too. Something about the yeast + butterscotch + oaty texture makes these SO good.

Did you happen to catch the photo of Sir Thomas, age 6? 7? in my stories? How cute was he!

Every Mother Counts

In honor of Mother’s Day, Beautycounter is partnering with the organization Every Mother Counts to support maternal medical care and safer birth across the world. Beautycounter will donate $4 for each item purchased in the Amy Schumer collection, including the Dew Skin and No. 3 Brightening Oil. Amy just had a baby this week and is a big fan of Beautycounter! Watch her joke-filled videos on the BC website. 

Have a lovely weekend <3